Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Foldover

I had made this multiple times for my oldest daughter as a quick breakfast.  It literally takes 5 minutes to make and she ate it in the car on our way to daycare (at 630 am 😩).  But somehow it slowly dissolved out of my weekly menu items.  Maybe I ran out of tortillas or chocolate chips for a bit and just totally forgot about it.  Who knows.

Either way it’s a favorite, and requested, in my household.

Preheat a griddle or nonstick pan on medium heat.  There is no need at all to use oil, nonstick spray or butter.  Honestly, just believe me.  Its not needed and is much healthier without.

I start with a large burrito size tortilla.  Slather on your all natural peanut butter on one half only. 

I generally use 1 medium banana or ~1/2 of a large banana.  Cut into slices maybe 1/4″ thick (👈 I’ve never measured them), whatever your preference.  Place the bananas right on top of your peanut butter. Next comes the star ingredient in our house…


Good quality chocolate chips.  Take a handful(ish) and sprinkle them around the bananas.  

Then fold over the empty tortilla side.  Don’t press down on it and break the tortilla, it will cook down.  Place it on your preheated griddle or pan.  Flip once after it turns golden brown.  Let it cook another minute or so. 


Inside the peanut butter should be gooey and the chocolate chips just started to melt.  You can thank me later 😉

Some variations I’ve thought of..
-cinnamon chips instead of chocolate
-whipped cream on top
-drizzle some caramel inside instead of chocolate chips

Let me know what you think!!


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