Why you should pamper yourself (without spoiling your budget)

I think every mom is guilty of putting herself on the back burner at some point.  Once the realization of how expensive a child is (let alone once you have more than one or multiples!!) you start trying to rationalize what is an essential and what can go.  We all do it, try and cut a corner one place to use the money or time on something else.  However, what if I told you how just pampering yourself every once in a while can result in an increase in concentration, energy and mood?  Now, I have by no means conducted an official study, nor should I be cited for any of this.  I have however experienced all of this firsthand, so we’ll just say it comes from experience!

With our first daughter I tried the box of color that turned out to be a nightmare for my hair.  I am naturally a dark blonde.  Somehow even with the light blonde coloring, my hair came out some odd orange tint.  Not a good look for me.  Then I tried the do it yourself at home highlighting kit.  After all, I had my hair highlighted for years, it didn’t look too difficult.  Do not be fooled.  Have you tried pulling long hair through a small hole of a plastic cap, especially in the back?  Again, disaster!  I finally broke down and started going to a stylist again, but I just stretched my appointments out maybe 12 weeks instead of the normal 6-8 they say.  Let me list some of the advatages I realized when I went to the salon:
•mental clarity
•mood booster
•a scalp massage (👈 these are to die for!)
•increase in energy
I want to be very clear, I love both of my girls immensely!! However, many SAHM I have questioned will tell you the same, take time for yourself!  Your brain needs a break and some adult interaction.  Who doesn’t love some good girl time at the salon?  When you can totally relax, not constantly chase a baby around or do house work it’s almost like hitting a reset button for your body. 

Today we are preparing for our family vacation so I had my hair and nails done.  Initially when I walked into the nail salon I thought, I can save this money and paint my own toenails.  Really it would take 15 minutes and I have a ton of nail polishes to choose from at home.  I almost walked back out.  Then I thought to myself, I need this.  So I stayed.  I got another 30 minutes of a mental break, a massage chair, and a bonus foot massage!!  Even when it came time to pay, I didn’t feel guilty anymore, and I was ready to be home with my family. 



Some of my favorite ways to save a buck while still getting pampered:

Groupon or Livingsocial– if you live in or near a big city this is a great way to obtain a great deal!  You can install the Groupon app and get notifications when they are having a sale and they frequently send suggestions for new deals based on your previous buying history.  I’ve noticed both sites have been running quite a few 20% or 30% off local deals.  This is a great time to buy! 

•The nail salon I go to has a rewards card.  After 5 stamps you get a free service.

•Keep a lookout during the holiday season.  I’ve seen a few of the salons offer gift certificates for a fraction of the price!

•Insurance.  Yes, your reading that correctly. I learned last year my husband’s health insurance covers a chiropractor and massage.  I was going to the chiropractor once a week and getting adjusted and a 30 minute massage for only the amount I tipped!  If you know me you know I love a massage!

Hopefully that information helps everyone get all the pampering they deserve!  We all work extremely hard as mom’s, wives and if you work outside of the home as an employee too.  Trust me if you don’t find some time to unwind and do whatever it is that helps you relax you will go stir crazy and every little thing will make you snap.  Do yourself and your family a favor and go get pampered! 😘

How do you guys get some relaxation time?  Any money saving tips? Please share!


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