Natural bug repellent

It’s hard to believe Independence Day is only 2 days away!  If your kids are like my daughter being outside is a necessity, whether it’s day or night.  In fact her current obsession is catching lightening bugs in her mason jar her Daddy made to house them for the night.  We let them go once she falls asleep, incase you’re wondering.  However, this June in central Ohio has been quite a soggy month!  Meteorologists say there were 19 straight days of rain! Can we say hello homemade backyard ponds??  Hence the increase in mosquito’s.

I’ve always known my daughter is incredibly sweet, the mosquito’s just corroborate my long held belief.  I swear the kid can be outside for 5 minutes and come in with a bug bite.  In my search for all natural products as opposed to traditional DEET I came across an article about beautyberry.  Beautyberry usage dates back to the early 20th century.  Researched by USDA-ARS chemist Charles Cantrell, it was found the compound callicarpenal is as effective as synthetic DEET known as SS220.   You can plant the beautyberry bush for your own use, however it is best grown in zone 6.  For a map of the different zones visit

If you don’t have the time or you’re like me and do NOT have a green thumb at all, some other natural options for insect repellent include:
•rosemary oil
•soybean oil
•castor oil
•eucalyptus oil (especially lemon eucalyptus oil)
•soy, coconut and geranium oil combination

Of course, natural based products don’t work as long so it is recommended to reapply every couple of hours.

Information obtained from Mother Nature Wins Again by Kim Vasdani.

Has anyone tried any of the essential oils?  Know of anything else that works?  Please leave a comment!


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